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I appreciate, even prefer, qualitative analyses over the quantitative such as your update re Splunk, a superlative effort to update extraordinary numbers reported by an excellent company.

Splunk’s numbers caught many investors off-guard, even short. Too bad for them but… More’s the better for me! 🙂

I admit I always wondered why my softball questions re Splunk on Seeking Alpha could not draw you out, but now I understand, portfolio management logistics. No one, no matter how deep his or her pockets, can own everything.

Thank you for an excellent update!

- D.G. in Seattle

I feel very comfortable in recommending Ticker Targets, run by Bert Hochfeld. Bert is very knowledgeable about tech stocks, and he sticks to what he knows. He seems to have a sixth sense about them. Such recommendations as Nutanix and Alteryx, which I would never have heard of, have made me over a hundred times what I spend for a year’s subscription. Another way of putting it is that the profits from just those two recommendations would pay for over 100 years of subscriptions. A big advantage of Ticker Targets over other subscription services is that if you have a specific question about one of Bert’s recommended stocks you can contact him through the website and ask, and he will respond with a well-thought-out answer. I thoroughly recommend Ticker Targets.

- S.R. in NYC

“I do offer investors a subscription-based service called Ticker Target. I answer many questions on Ticker Target and always respond to subscriber queries rapidly. It is a good way to keep up with my brand of advice.”

I strongly recommend Bert’s, Ticker Target subscription service: TT is extraordinarily excellent, amazingly insightful, and wildly profitable (to its readers). Consider this tidbit from Bert

“For the most part, the institutional investors in the IT space are there for growth. They are not there for valuation. That is a hard lesson for some [investors] to accept…”

A whole lot of insight in that one statement for you to chew on; Ticker Target offers such nuggets on a near-daily basis. You will be chewing on similar insights long and often.
Oh, before I forget, Ticker Target also is ridiculously inexpensive. Discover for yourself just how inexpensive…

I am a very happy charter subscriber. (Obviously.) I will subscribe for as long as I invest, which likely means the rest of my life. Yes, Ticker Target is THAT good, that invaluable.

- D. M. Gordon

I’m living in hongkong and have been learnt about investment for 3 years.

It came to me to know Bert in a public site and I found that I have been lucky so far on this…

The tech world and information space was new to me or to many people from where I live . With a 2 years reading on Bert, I can experience The sector he focuses on is in a secular growth. The company names he picked are to a great degree undiscovered one at the time he started to write. Not only he writes, he updates, recommends or warns.
Those names like Square , Shopify, Guidewire , Veeva, lately Nutanix , Twilio , Ubiquiti; most of their price double to 5 folds within a 12-15 months. I also learnt from him on industry specific, the company specific and the valuation on the one he covers.

As a member, Bert is quick response despite the time lag we have . He is honest and strict, also tell me on when to trade, What to trade and how to trade on a personal basis.

I’ll highly recommend anyone to take him on.

A very valued asset partner and guide in investment.

- L.H. in HK

Brilliant analysis! No one on SA does this better. A former software sell-sider myself who spurned the migration toward large caps in favor of high-growth distruptors, I am still surprised when professional analysts and investors are agape at the rising bar in valuing distribution leverage and operating synergy – particularly in one of the strongest transformational IT spend cycles in decades. Takeover speculation is never a reason to buy a stock. But, if one were to do a 5 years projection for a recurring revenue model growing at a 35% CAGR that will translate into at least 25% operating margin by then, and deliver a free cash flow yield of at least 6%, what is that worth today? Not all of the companies on your list qualify; but for those that do – and I am long most of them – an acquisition is not necessary to drive substantial absolute and relative returns. For that, I am more than willing to withstand the betas.

- "Subscriber"

Bert Hochfeld is the rare investor who understands investments and investing, and who can communicate his knowledge cogently and amiably. He weaves his investment interests and passions with his professional experiences into a tapestry of understanding he calls, Ticker Target.

Bert’s Ticker Target subscription service is positively indispensable for investors of all types: discerning, helpful, insightful, ingenious, clever, witty… And ridiculously cheap. Do not allow that low subscription price to confuse you, though; Ticker Target is the one exception in which you receive far more than you paid for.

Bert prefers growth stocks with a particular emphasis on technology. His commentaries combine a quantitative analysis (a company’s financial numbers: revenues and earnings/share, etc) with a deeply-felt qualitative analysis (does this company’s product have a place in the market? any execution risk? etc) and then, when the opportunity of company aligns with its valuation, Bert recommends an investment in clear, non-equivocal terms. And vice-versa: when valuations stretch too much and too far, he recommends sales.

What more could you want? Clear analysis, written well (and entertainingly), that generates profitable investments. I am a happy subscriber for several years now and will remain such for many years to come.

- D.G. in WA

As an investor for some 60 years the advise of Bert Hochfeld via Ticker Target has been truly the most beneficial of all the investment services to which I have been exposed. Timely and insightful in a very exciting industry the advise has led me to a MOST satisfying outcome. Congratulations Bert!

- D.G. in CA

Thank you, Bert. You always provide such excellent and concise answers.

- F. A. in Brownsburg

Bert, you are a true artist.

Love it.

- "Member of TickerTarget"

Just wanted to say I’m very grateful for your rigorous research and analysis. I believe it is second-to-none. Really appreciate your insights and your writing style. Keep up the fantastic work!

Very best,

- "Member of TickerTarget"

“Thank you for your insights, Bert. Your skill to analyze a company is amazing. Your willingness to also admit something was overseen or misunderstood is absolutely priceless.”

- "Member of TickerTarget"

I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to you. As I mentioned briefly in a past email, I have primarily relied upon the Motley Fool (which I Love) for investing advice. I have also found Saul’s Investing Discussions that have helped me tremendously. And now I have found you.

From my perspective, your service is invaluable!!!!! You really help to ground by investing decisions and help sharpen my ability to think. Because of you and how I integrate your information, I generally feel much safer as an investor. No need to reply back and let me know that you sometimes make mistakes. I know you do. Just like everybody else. Thanks again!

G. - Member of TickerTarget