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The Idea of Specialization in the Investment World

If you have chest pains you don’t go to a podiatrist or an allergist-you go to a cardiologist


If you want your house painted you don’t go to an electrician


If you have a problem with your teeth, you don’t ask a landscaper for advice


If you want to invest in technology-why would you go to someone whose expertise is likely diluted over many different groups and situations


Just in the past 5 years, the tech investment world has been swept by waves of interest in Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things and especially the Cloud. You can’t profit from those trends if you aren’t first to the party-the other guests will get the best portions and all the gourmet food.


In other sectors, being second or third is sometimes not a real problem-it may be an advantage. There is no such thing as the “first” homebuilder or the first company with a new class of sneaker. In tech, getting in early before others even know there is something to get into is everything


Pattern recognition is the lodestar of successful investing. Pattern recognition on the part of your advisor can save you from “natural splits” and can find companies that are poised for rapid, profitable growth. And its hard to recognize a pattern if you haven’t been involved with a comparable situation because you are looking over many things at the same time.


At TickerTarget we are specialists-we are focused on one thing and that is Tech. Sure we have opinions on the market and the economy-but we expect you will be using other specialists or your own intuition to figure out whether you think the market will rise or fall. But don’t go into the tech investment world without an experienced guide.


Try Ticker Target for a free 2 week trial and see if the service makes you money and saves you from ill-timed bets. And then decide if you want to go ahead! We think you will.


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