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Alteryx: Overvalued Or ‘Under-Understood?’

May 23, 2018 Summary Alteryx shares have been under some pressure lately and are 19% below recent highs. This share...
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Pivotal: Trying To Make Some Sense Of Its Shares!

May 17, 2018 Summary Pivotal became a public company about 4 weeks ago. The shares have been trading around 25%...
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Arista: Is It A Rising Or Setting Sun?

May 14, 2018 Summary Arista reported the results of its Q1 operations earlier this month. The results themselves were strong....
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Shopify And Square: The Art And Science Of Investing In High Growth IT Vendors

May 8, 2018 Summary Both Shopify and Square reported the results of their March ending quarter this past week. In...
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Zuora: An Interesting Niche, But A Fully Valued IPO

Apr. 30, 2018 Summary Zuora became a public company earlier this month. The company is a business that is enjoying...
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IBM: Why Investors Shouldn’t Buy The Dip

Apr. 23, 2018 Summary IBM reported the results of its fiscal Q1 last week. The quarter nominally was an upside...
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Splunk – The Trick Of Re-Accelerating Growth

Apr. 16, 2018 Summary Splunk has deepened and broadened its competitive advantage in both Security Information and in several adjacent...
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Pure Storage: A Company That’s Here To Stay

Apr. 10, 2018 Summary Pure recently sold a substantial issue of convertible debt. The interest rate was 0.125% with a...
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Microsoft – De-FANGing A Portfolio While Maintaining An Exposure To Enterprise IT

Apr. 5, 2018 Summary Microsoft today represents one of the less challenged large-cap IT names with less “political risk” than...
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Oracle: The Art Of Making The Acceptable Look Dire

Mar. 29, 2018 Summary Oracle reported the results of its fiscal Q3 last week. The results for the quarter were...
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MuleSoft: A Mule Laden With Gold!

Mar. 26, 2018 Summary Salesforce announced last week that it was acquiring MuleSoft at a substantial premium. Some observers felt...
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VMware: Trying To Make Sense Of A Rather Complex Situation

Mar. 19, 2018 Summary VMware reported another blow-out quarter earlier this month. The shares, unlike those of most enterprise IT...
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